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Serendipity in Music…. and beyond

I had yet another serendipitous moment when pleasant findings emerge unexpectedly (while in search of something else). These moments happen quite often, take many shape or form, and although this particular one is of very small-scale, I find it worth sharing. My music teacher had played a tune to which I was to play the Congas. I actually found it very catchy and interestingly auspicious that I made a point to buy it once I’d return home.

After having enjoyed its perky and refreshing music video on YouTube (as shown above by Suzie McNeil), I clicked on another with the same song title and to my delight, I immediately felt enticed. (By a young multi-instrument-playing singer who goes by ShaDoWCa7)

How mythical…

Yes, they are very different in nature, and this is just a sliver of the pie when it comes to my interest in music. In fact, I consider myself a music collector. Some people collect stamps (an actual childhood hobby of mine) and some, butterflies (I’ll pass, no offence). I search for and collect music from around the world, the more foreign or less mainstream, the better. Although sometimes, a good song can’t help it if it makes it the radio!

If there are a few things of the internet I’m grateful for, it has got to be the easy and user-friendly access to world music (and music across time). The way one navigates and discovers musical gems is really like a series a serendipitous findings. Whether you’re on YouTube or iTunes, one song leads to another great one, which leads to an unknown brilliant artist, whose other covers lead to an original singer, whose video shows a collaboration with another great artist …  and the cycle goes on and on… and you realize there isn’t enough time in a day.

I do try to responsibly dedicate a few hours in music searching binges (I have once spent 8 hours straight!). As cheesy as it sounds, once you start you just can’t stop. It’s like a rush for me. Finding good music on my own, is like discovering treasures. Especially after having gone through numerous tracks (in both senses of the word) prior to it. Certainly, many findings I pride from are prominent and played out in other parts of the world, but hey, not in mine, and as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

I was quite musically diverse to begin with, but the passion to dig deep, far and wide and beyond the walls of North American Pop culture, originated from another serendipitous journey that stemmed in Paris. Oh Paris… that’s a whole other story that may resurface on day. But in the meantime, here’s one of the songs that began the trickling domino effect. (Egyptian singer Ehab Tawfik)

How hip-shimmying! Haha!

This post may seem to be about music, and maybe it does have a future referencing purpose, but I really meant to shed the light on the ‘motion’ of serendipity. It is simple, natural, and only logical.
Go after something, and pleasant surprises will inevitably present themselves. Things will lead you from one place to another. Maybe a specific track (generally speaking) isn’t the best one, but keep an open mind, as it may lead you to a better one. Know that you’re on the right track, and as Suzie McNeil sings it, “The best is yet to come“.

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